Lachance and IPFC 2022 are Devoted to Poultry Industry

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Lachance Group will serve as Gold Sponsor to 

2022 IPFC (11th) International Poultry Forum China:

Green Shoots Breaking Through the Soil,

Poultry Industry's Embracing a New Round of Tough Growth

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Forum theme: coexisting with uncertainty, the poultry industry ushers in a new round of resilient growth

Organizer: International poultry by lega media

Gold sponsor: Shandong Longchang group

Time: July 21-23, 2022 (check in on July 21 and formal meeting on July 22-23)

Location: Intercontinental lunenguihe Hotel, Jinan, Shandong


Sustainable development of global poultry industry in the post epidemic Era

• Best poultry business sustainable development and social responsibility practices

• Market driven breeding research and development progress and trends

• Life cycle carbon footprint and carbon neutral management

• Digital deep application enables industrial upgrading

• Innovation and R & D direction of poultry processing technology

• New consumption formats - development potential and opportunities of poultry meat on the consumer side


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